COMEXPERÚ's Corporate Affairs Management oversees coordinating the participation of the Peruvian business sector in regional integration spaces. In this way, the management provides technical support to the Chilean-Peruvian Business Council (CEChP), the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), and the Pacific Alliance Business Council (CEAP).

Likewise, it leads a fluid dialogue with the government, especially with the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, to convey the position of the private sector and generate synergies with the public sector to strengthen the national situation and implement better public policies.

We also articulate the involvement of our associates and execute the annual calendar of activities that includes specialized seminars (webinars) and the APEC SME Summit. In addition, the area is responsible for articulating shared value projects to positively impact the quality of life of Peruvians from the private sector.

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)

Since 2001, COMEXPERÚ assumed the Technical Secretariat of the ABAC - Peru Chapter. Under this role, we seek to promote dialogue between the Peruvian representatives of ABAC and their counterparts in the other 20 member economies. Likewise, COMEXPERÚ develops proposals for public policies and best practices that are discussed in this forum and that cover different areas such as i) Regional Economic Integration, ii) Sustainability, iii) Digitalization, iv) Inclusion, and v) Finance. ABAC meets four times a year, the last one being on the frame of the APEC Leaders' Summit, where representatives of the business sector share the recommendations developed during the year in a private working session with the heads of government of the region.


ABAC comprises up to 3 total members from each of the 21 APEC economies and up to 3 alternate members. The designation of the members representing each economy is in charge of their respective leader. In the case of ABAC Peru, the members are:


1. Alfonso Bustamante Canny – CEO, Corporación Financiera de Inversiones

2. Julia Torreblanca – Vicepresident of Corporate Affairs, Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde

3. Guillermo Ferreyros - General Manager, SAVIA Peru.


1. José Luis Noriega – Commercial Director, Empresas Nobex

2. Juan Mulder – Director, Química Suiza

Chilean – Peruvian Business Council (CEChP)

Created in 2004, the CEChP is a business initiative whose main objective is to strengthen relations between both countries, promoting a binational agenda that contributes to the construction of spaces for cooperation and confidence building between our countries, promoting growth and welfare on both sides of the border. The Council has remained an impartial agent and promoter of relations between the two countries, having organized 18 formal working sessions and participated jointly in other international cooperation spaces. The CEChP comprises around 70 business leaders who are part of the Council in their capacity and are committed to the sustainable and inclusive development of both countries. It also has the support of Chile's Manufacturers' Association (SOFOFA) and the Foreign Trade Society of Peru (ComexPerú) as Technical Secretariats of the Chilean and Peruvian Chapters, respectively.

Pacific Alliance Business Council (CEAP)

PABC was established in August 2012 and is the business arm that supports the regional integration process of the Pacific Alliance. It is made up of business people from the four national chapters, and in the case of Peru, it is made up of the Presidents of the five leading business associations: i) ADEX, ii) CCL, iii) COMEXPERÚ, iv) CONFIEP and v) SNI. The council's main objective is to eliminate barriers that hinder trade flow, boost investment promotion in member countries, and advance financial integration, productive chains, tourism promotion, and labor mobility.

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